COVID-19 Omicron Variant: Everything We Know and How to Stay Protected

COVID-19 Omicron Variant: Everything We Know and How to Stay Protected

In November 2021 a new mutation of the Covid-19 virus was discovered in Africa.
The variant B.1.1529 was named Omicron. The World Health Organization classified it as a variant of concern. Currently, the positive cases of the variant are rising at a rapid rate across the world.

So, what to know about the virus and who are at risk. Let’s get a gist of what we know about Omicron.

What Does the Worldwide Omicron Data Say?

The rise of Omicron has hit the developed as well as under-developed countries
alike. With many countries facing a 3rd, 4th, and even a 5th wave of Covid, the
transmissibility of Omicron is at an all-time high.

Worldwide, 4.99 million new cases were reported in the last month (December) (Source: WHO). In Canada alone, 44,309 new cases were reported last week (10th – 20th Jan 2022) (Source: Canada Health).

Concerns Regarding Omicron

According to WHO, the transmissibility of the variant does not have enough data. Though the studies suggest that the spread of Omicron is far more than the Delta variant. The rise of new cases suggests that the variant is highly transmissible and has the potential of becoming an epidemic.

As far as the severity of the variant is concerned, experts around the world have
dedicated their resources to the studies. It is yet to be confirmed whether the
severity of the symptoms and infections surpass other variants or not. The
hospitalizations cases have been high but the reason for hospitalization have not been confirmed. Early studies show that the Omicron variant causes less
severe disease, but follow-up studies are needed to confirm the theory.

Vaccinations are Needed More Than Ever

Until the full-scale of Omicron is not released, it is necessary to take all the
necessary precautions. Studies say that the best way to protect yourself is
with the Covid-19 vaccinations approved by the World Health Organization.  The uncontrollable rise in the Covid cases is concerning and the best option to fight against it is the COVID-19 booster shot. It is already proven that the booster shot helps to protect against the sickening effects of Covid-19. It is also proven that its effects can be extended to Omicron as well.

A Protection for You & Your Family

It is advisable to stay updated as thoroughly as possible regarding the spread and
symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Get yourself and your family vaccinated.
  • Get the booster shot as soon as possible on your eligibility.
  • Practice social distancing and avoid going in crowded areas.
  • Wear a mask, possibly a health advisory approved masks rather than cloth ones.
  • Wash your hands on regular intervals.
  • Carry a sanitizer.

Remember, even if you are vaccinated, there are chances of getting infected and passing on the virus further. Avoid crowds and practice isolations in case of any

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