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Anti-Fungal Liquid Topical Formula Maximum Strength

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-Kill exposed nail-bed fungus -Specially formulated to act promptly to help eliminate fungus infections of the finger and toe areas where normally accessible with the convenient Fungicure applicator brush. -Helps eliminate fungus infections on exposed nail-bed surfaces where nails are missing, cracked open, or otherwise breached, as well as around, adjacent to and under nail tips wherever accessible with the convenient Fungicure applicator brush. -No medicinal odour -Highest level of undecylenic acid that you can buy without a doctor's prescription.


Recommended dose adults (18 years of age and above): clean the affected area with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of Fungicure over affected area twice daily (morning and night) for the full treatment period of 4 weeks or as directed by a doctor.


Medicinal ingredient: undecylenic acid (seed), 25% w/v. Non-medicinal ingredient: Isopropyl palmitate.
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