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Liquid Effective Nail Fungus Treatment - Pen Format 3.3 ml

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Up to 14-Percent of people in North America have a fungal nail infection which many of them ignore. A fungal nail infection (onychomycosis) will not go away unless treated. Left untreated, the fungi continue to spread and the condition gets worse, ultimately resulting in the loss of the nail. Optimal nail penetration. Apply in one minute a day - no filling required. Helps treat fungal nail bed infections (Onychomycosis). Changes the pH level inside the nail, creating a hostile environment for fungi (dermatophytes). Repairs damaged nail structure. Improves the cosmetic aspect of the nail. Provides a barrier against fungal invasion.


Please read the leaflet carefully Duration of Use: Treat the area until the nail has recovered completely. This can take several months. Use Excilor® for at least three months. Results will be visible when the nail begins to grow back. Recommended Dose Adults: Apply Excilor® to the infected area two times a day (once in the morning and once in the evening). Clean the nail and remove all polish before using EXCILOR®. Use the applicator to coat the whole nail and the underside of the nail rim with the product. Apply Excilor® generously but do not press down hard on the applicator when applying the product. Allow the nail to dry before putting on socks or shoes. This will not take much longer than 1 or 2 minutes and allows the formula to penetrate the nail.


Medicinal Ingredients (per dose unit) Acetic Acid: 1% (Synthetic). Non-Medicinal Ingredients: purified water, ethyl lactate, acrylates/ammonium methacrylate copolymer, dimethyl isosorbide, decylene glycol, biotin, PPG-15 stearyl ether, glycerol, polysorbate 80, acetylated lanolin alcohol
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